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“Natural Ascension by Fragrantly-Scented Aromas The sweet hidden treasure that leads you to your awakening”

Prologue: Alchemy that brings happiness for you.

A feeling of supreme bliss that brings you happiness.

If you truly desire a feeling of spiritual fulfillment and a lifestyle change unlike anything before, and achieve all of this easily and swiftly, Then, awaken your supreme bliss that through a feeling of a spiritual ecstasy from within.

Through this experience, your life will take a new shape. Your personal story, your journey of bliss, will continue to expand forever. The contents of this book will reveal secret alchemy that brings an unparalleled level of happiness at monasteries and temples in ancient Tibet, Mongolia, Hawaii, Africa and all over the world.

In this book, these revelations are arranged in a modern way to be easily accessed and practices in everyday life. This book will produce happiness.

"Aroma" is the secret to awakening your inner bliss.

Activate your heart chakra with aroma and awaken a felling of serenity.

Life will bring you new opportunities to have various inspirations and to meet people that lead you to a blissful life. As birds of a feather flock together, a feeling of supreme bliss brings in a blissful reality. To bring about this feeling of bliss and awaken your true self is called “Self-awakening”, or “Ascension” among people who know much about spirituality.

You may think this is very special and complicated, but please feel at ease.

In this book, little things you can do in real life easily and simply are introduced. When used with Fragrantly-scented aromas, this brings about awakening a supreme bliss in your true self in real life. It is called "Natural Ascension"

It is not necessary to rely on over consumption of information from the Internet and television.

When needed, necessary information or encounters will come from them.
However, you will be able to enrich your love and abundance very simply by awakening your unique individuality and making increased opportunities through synchronicities.

So what is this feeling of supreme bliss?  It’s about connecting to the perfect you.

It is the ultimate feeling of happiness. Because it is the ultimate you. This is the natural you. When you need this, you may think it is a noble and difficult task, but everyone has already experienced this feeling in fact. The sensation that you feel when you fall asleep is the same. To the root of great consciousness, a pleasant euphoria that leads to your dream.

Love exercise with someone who you love.

Trance through meditation.
The spiritual ecstasy that you feel when you smell fragrantly-scented aromas, has something in common. You are connecting to your root very sensuously.

When people are connecting to none other than themselves, they will have a spiritual ecstasy unlike any other.

When we were a newborn baby, we were our perfect selves. A body without any obsession or limitation. We had a sense of peace and felt supreme bliss. It can be described as words like Love, Light or Joy, too but it is a big sensation that transcends mere words.

This is truth that you can connect to only by experiencing. Your own self presence.
We are only able to bring the realization through sensation.

Essential oils show your hidden self

Depending on whatever you feel pleasure or displeasure to various aromas, it is possible to read your psychology too.
Your talent and infinite possibility is dormant in your subconscious, blocked out by knowing your taste for aroma.

Let’s say you feel unpleasant with floral essential oils.
You may feel that “you have a tendency to make judgments on feminacy or other things by relying on your conception. Perhaps it is very hard for you to understand and accept them with your spiritual heart."

Surprisingly, we haven’t noticed how powerful the role of aroma plays in existence.
Flowers and fruits, resins or leaves, roots, spices, woods, herbs etc... Aromas are symbols of “a certain message” which are hidden in the natural world and this universe.

Don’t treat essential oils as only sundry goods. Try to accept them as beings that share the universe just like us with your heart. Sometimes they will show you your truth, possibility and orientation hidden in your life.

By welcoming aromas with a pure heart like a child, Aromas will be as sparkled as spirits.
When you feel those lively aromas, your skin and the cells in your body will also be full of vitality.

You will never be sick. Your spiritual heart and soul will start shining.
Using aromas in this way, your aura will brighten more happily. Happiness and synchronicities will be attracted to your brilliance, and your life will also start to shine.

What you need to do is open your spiritual heart through your fragrantly-scented aromas.

If you can, it is highly recommended to execute the exercises introduced in this book using 100% pure grade essential oils. However, if you don’t have any pure essential oils with you, then it is ok to use perfume or cologne instead.
Anyone could awaken a feeling of supreme bliss and be awakened to a blissful body to make your personal happiness come true with ease.

In the book, some methods such as “applying essential oils directly to the skin (anointing)” or “drinking essential oils” are introduced. These methods of application are permitted only in the of Young Living’s 100% natural and organic therapeutic grade essential oils. (Please refer to Chapter 2)

It’s important to note that in the case of normal essential oils, it is undrinkable. When you apply essential oils to your face or body, please make sure to dilute by 1-2 % with vegetable oils.
Remember to apply your aroma to your “wrist” and your “heart (around the area of your heart)” in an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed.
In a relaxed state with sweet smile, try to allow your spiritual heart to welcome scentful happiness.

A sweet smile activates the crown chakra (an energy center that shines at your vertex of the head) which welcomes the power from the universe and the power of happiness, and the heart chakra(an energy center shines at your center of heart) which balances your love and your belief in abundance.

By welcoming the spirits of aromas with a sweet smile, your crown chakra and heart chakra will be filled with infinite abundance of aroma without any limitations. Your life as a whole will be satisfied with a blessed aura.