What is Aroma Enlightenment ® ?

To bring about awakening, not just healing, we need a new approach to therapy.

These days, materiality (science) and spirituality are in the process of being integrated together. Whether its plants or people a real sense of oneness is essential to approaching a world where subconscious and spirituality, transcend not just the material or the mind…but both.

Aroma Enlightenment(R) is a new aromatherapy which includes two main parts, “integration and self-awakening” and “spirituality”. Aroma Enlightenment(R) is a groundbreaking healing method and a technique to make your dreams come true by “awakening your true self”.

Stop assuming the way you believed life unfolds naturally before now. Try to accept a feeling of abundance you have never experienced without any protest.
Essential oils will always help bring you amazing possibilities, and a life of abundance. They will lead to awaken your true self and an environment filled with nothing but happiness.

Aroma Enlightenment ® is recommended for people who would like to:

  • Create a blissful life quickly and with ease.
  • Know the “essence” of your True self and understand the Real Spiritual world.
  • awaken your infinite realm of possibility and enhance your own ability of attraction.
  • Take advantage of a "new approach to therapy which invites you to effectively self awaken".
  • Enhance your healing and reading ability, and bring in a new healing program to your healing or aromatherapy salon.
  • Know spiritual wisdom and the efficacy of essential oils transcending medical or surface psychological action.
  • release oppression and limitation and live naturally with your spiritual heart open.
  • Cultivate communication with the universe, the absolute, the spirits of nature and all of existence.

The precious benefits and effects that you will experience after taking Aroma Enlightenment courses are;

  • Being able to learn spiritual aromatherapy and Young Living’s medical aromatherapy.
  • Awakening your true self (capability, ability)
  • Gain Spiritual wisdom to create your ideal destiny.
  • Feel and experience the essence of spiritual wisdom and notice these moments.
  • Coordinate and produce your point of strength naturally.
  • Become free from the negative spiral which prevents your happiness.
  • Facilitate your connection with the power of nature, and attract a life of abundance.
  • Improve intuitive ability, creativity and inspiration.
  • By awakening yourself, your energy enhances your natural healing and spiritual abilities, while also enhancing and carrying the tide of time with yourself.
  • By awakening yourself and living with abundance, you will be able to heal people and awaken them to abundance also.
  • Enhance your technique as a therapist or healer, and understand it is simple to incorporate this into your healing program.
  • Everybody from beginners to experts of aromatherapy will enjoy the contents of the course.
  • By freeing yourself of your old conception of reality that has blocked a life of abundance, the journey to find a new path of discovery and truth begins.
  • For beginners, you will be able to learn about the basic use of usual aromatherapy through our Aroma Enlightenment classes.
  • Young Living, the world’s leading provider of essential oils, provides pure therapeutic grade essential oils and are used at the Aroma Enlightenment classes. They can be applied directly to the skin, and also can be taken orally. But of course, feel free to use another brand’s essential oils if you have them at home.

How Aroma Enlightenment 笂蜀 came into the world.

Aromatherapy, Enlightenment

The Aroma Enlightenment(R) System is an aromatherapy which invites you to bring about a blissful self-awakening and was created by Hitomi Harada, a Spiritual Life Coordinator in 2007.

To overcome her suffering of some forms of mental disorders and other challenging issues in her life, she focused on methods such as psychological therapy, spiritual healing, and methods of problem solving.
However, in time she realized that everything she tried was so complicated and it required so much time to process these issues. It was possible to have only superficial success outcome.

Harada wanted to master the essence without being confused by such superficial information.
By looking for a supreme truth, and a way of self-realization, Harada met certain masters who taught her of self-awakening. Since then, Harada began to understand what her TAO (the way of life) is at a soul level.

Because they are intangible, it is sometimes difficult for us to understand our being, and our connection to the essence of the universe. Therefore, to make everyone be able to feel them more easily, Harada combined AROMA and SELF-AWAKENING, and in this way, AROMAENLIGHTENMENT ® was created.

Also, by having a sense of communication with natural spirits, Harada naturally had a strong connection and the wisdom she received using her clairvoyant power and channeling ability, she was able to develop Aroma Enlightenment ®. By creating a fusion of aromatherapy, crystal healing, self-awakening practice, chakras and theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements, Harada has offend support for everyone in order to awaken their dormant potential and realize their true happiness on their own more easily.

In September 2008, Aroma Enlightenment ® was registered as trademark by the Japan Patent Office, and on 25th September 2009, Aroma Enlightenment(R) was published as a book titled “Natural Ascension by Fragrantly-Scented Aromas 窶? The sweet hidden treasure that leads you to your awakening” (SOGO HOREI PUBLISHING Co., Ltd.) (Achieved the top sales within the Aromatherapy category at Amazon)

Aroma Enlightenment ® has been introduced through a variety of media and has gained popularity from beginners to experts in aromatherapy. We have many students from all over the country.

Aroma Enlightenment ® Teacher Program started in 2010 and certified teachers are that teaching the method in various locations around Japan and soon to be all over the world. Also, in an age of spiritual ascension that has been accelerating every day, we expect this method will spread more and more.

Have you ever been influenced by the constrictive of the ego of someone around you? This has limited your hidden potentials, inner energy and transformation.

When the door of supreme bliss and opportunity opens, you will suddenly connect with universal bliss, and will not be able to stop awakening.

Would you like to shift to a world that is free and filled with opportunities transcending all limitations you had until now? Abundance and on ever expanding horizon is watching for you.